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Will Scenting My Entertainment Business help with Bad Odor?


Fun for all the senses.


Your place should smell nice

The dive bar that reeks of frustration and cigarette smoke is a thing of the past. Every respectable entertainment venue, be it a club, casino or concert hall, must make sure to eliminate bad smells and create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. It’s not a trivial task in crowded places where food is served and alcohol is drunk.

This is why you should trust the best scenting solutions around. Commercial scenting systems from have been designed specifically to work in small to medium sized commercial venues, and would be ideal for establishments such as bars and gaming lounges. Unlike chemical products that can leave a place smelling like detergent, 100% natural and pure essential oils will mask foul odors while spreading ones that will make your visitors happier and more satisfied.

Behind wisps of scent, rock-solid science

It’s well-known that the sense of smell is tied, like no other sense, to emotion and memory. The same way restaurants use classical music to put diners in a contemplative and enlightened mood, releasing a scientifically-proven aromatic oil in your entertainment venue will help get your visitors in the mood that suits your venue – whether it’s relaxed or excited, sensual or elated.

Scientific studies have shown that casino revenues can be raised by as much as one-fifth with the proper scenting solution. Scents lead visitors to be more satisfied with their experience and spend more time at the venue. Scents have a positive effect not only on visitors, but workers as well – motivation, productivity, attitude and attention spans all improve when the workplace smells nice.


In various studies, casino revenues have seen increases from 20% to as much as half, with the use of specific scents.


Eliminate bad odors

Some essential oils can actually degrade and eliminate foul odors, instead of simply drowning them out.

Increase your revenue

Las Vegas casinos have studied the effect of scent on gamblers, and spending increases drastically under the effect of scent.

Happy customers, happy you!

Relaxing and mood-improving scents will result in higher customer satisfaction and more consumer spending.