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Will Scenting my Healthcare/Medical office help with Anxiety?


People come to you so you may heal them.


How should the Doctor’s office smell?

Frightening and anxiety-inducing usually describes the time a patient squirms with magazines while waiting for a medical procedure. Few things strike fear into the pain-addled heart than the need to go to the doctor, even if it’s for the patient’s own good. Dental offices especially see more than their share of nervous, frightened people. It doesn’t help that the waiting-room smell does so much to promise and foretell unpleasantness. The smells of gauze and antiseptic lay themselves on top of the sharp notes of cleaning products and floor scrub, pull themselves through the noses of patients in waiting, and drag a thousand scenes of pain and indignity into their minds.

In order to help patients and clinical staff relax, many medical establishments have begun to scent their offices. Of the five senses, the sense of smell is the most powerful emotional trigger, so if patients, while waiting, smell lavender or citrus instead of bandages, their experience will be improved immensely. With a indoor scenting system, you can make the waiting room at your clinic or practice a much less grueling and hostile place.

Refresh expectations

It’s been shown that the way a space smells has a strong effect on the way people perceive it. Spreading a particular scent in a doctor’s office will cause patients to perceive it differently – as a warmer, happier, more welcoming place. Perceptions of cleanliness and friendliness can be enhanced with fragrant essential oils.

Anyone who wants to make patients better at ease in a medical practice should look into scenting. The smiles you’ll see on your patients when they get up from the waiting couch will be worth it.


Essential oils don’t only smell nice – some of them can enhance the body’s immunity.


Help patients relax

Spread essential oils in the waiting room, and you’ll greatly reduce the amount of talking down you’ll need to give your patients.

Keep the place clean

A variety of essential oils have antibacterial properties, and will help cleanse the waiting room of infectious bacteria.

They’ll happily return

With a friendly atmosphere at your clinic that includes relaxing scents, patients will be begging you to check their teeth!