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Why use Scent Marketing for your Business?

Why Scent Marketing?

The results are in: A pleasant scent will enchant your visitors. They’ll remember your brand and linger.


How does your brand smell?

There is much more to scent branding than just spraying perfume on the walls. Scent branding is the art of taking your brand identity, messaging, customer base, and finding a fragrance that reflects and connects to all these aspects of your company.

Since the sense of smell has such a close connection to human emotion, scent can work very effectively as a complementary trigger when used in combination with other ways to set mood, such as lighting, sound and decor. Getting all of these aspects right can go a long way towards creating a persistent emotional connection with customers.

Customers who stick around

It’s been conclusively shown that customers who linger at a business end up spending more, and customers will linger if they’re happy and comfortable. Picking a good scent to enhance your business is a key method of increasing the sense of well-being that your customers experience. People in your store will stay there longer, and people passing by outside will be drawn in. For retail environments, there are few more effective and subtle marketing solutions.

By filling your premises with a unique scent, you can create an indelible impression in the mind of the customer, strengthening your brand identity on a subconscious level. A nice fragrance will create the perfect environment for clients, employees and walk-in customers alike.


An emotional connection

Smell is unique among the senses in its depth. It’s fairly well known that much of what we consider to be the taste of food and drink is actually its smell. While humans, like other primates, now rely on sight more than smell, this is a relatively recent evolutionary development – smell is how we found our way around the ancient landscape of the Triassic. This is why scent, while difficult for most people to describe in words, has such close connections to memory and feeling.

As a matter of fact, research estimates that virtually every emotion we feel over the course of a day is at least partly triggered by smell. The olfactory receptors in our noses are tied directly to the paleomammalian limbic system, so the right smell can work directly on the pleasure center.

In aromatherapy, scents have seen thousands of years of use to alleviate stress, depression and other negative emotions. By harnessing the power of scent, you gain the ability to make your visitors break out in a smile just by crossing your doorstep.