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Will Scenting my Car Dealership help with Sales?

Car Showrooms

True luxury you don’t see: you feel.


That New Car Smell

A car is just a way to rattle and shake from point A to point B – but only for people who lack money or refinement. For the discerning driver, a car is more than just a transportation tool – it’s an attitude, an experience and an environment. When a customer walks into the showroom, they aren’t just seeking a set of dull numbers in heavy black type. Beyond the mileage, price, number of cupholder is something else the customer seeks – the feel of the drive.

This is why luxury car dealers and manufacturers spend so much effort on trying to create a sense of lifestyle around their products. An Aston Martin isn’t just a bunch of horsepowers, it’s James Bond barreling down the Amalfi drive… and it feels good.

In trying to create a memorable brand and a luxurious customer experience, no edge is too thin, and scenting is the latest device in the struggle. offers business-oriented scenting systems that can fill a car showroom with fragrance that conveys strength, luxury, confidence or any other quality that you desire.

High-end scenting solutions are also available for the car itself. offers a range of high-quality air fresheners and fragrance spreaders for luxury vehicles. They will add color and spice to any drive, and make any car interior more welcoming and relaxing.

Make an impression

It’s well known that the sense of smell, of all the senses, is tied most closely to memory and feeling. Even if it’s too subtle to be aware of consciously, a pleasant scent will impress itself in the hearts of your customers and leave them thinking fondly of your business.


It’s thought that up to three-quarters of the emotions a human being feels during the day are triggered or affected by smell.


Brand awareness

Create a deep and distinctive impression with your customers, and keep them coming back!

Lingering is encouraged

Stores or displays that emanate a pleasant smell will be the ones where customers linger – and spend money!

Make them feel

Smell is closely connected to the centers of the brain responsible for emotion and memory.