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Will Scenting your Office Help with Production?


Work doesn’t stink.


Scented offices

An employee is more productive when happy and motivated. Unfortunately, many office workspaces don’t help with these emotions, since they seem to have been designed by a blind, depressed robot. Four blank walls capped with a raft of clinical fluorescents could only be more oppressive if the office smelled like rubber insulation and carpet glue, which many of them do.

This is why a commercial scenting system from is a great investment for any office environment. Essential oils, used in conjunction with an HVAC air conditioning/air quality system, will result in a more pleasant workplace where the air smells good and is free of particulates and pollutants, as well.

Improve productivity

Studies done on scenting in office environments have shown a marked increase in worker productivity, more efficient problem-solving and workflow management. Moreover, clerical errors were drastically reduced, and typing speed increased, when the office was scented with oils such as peppermint and lavender.

Invest in an office scenting solution from – your workers will thank you, your clients will thank you, and so will your accountants!


Typing errors went down by more than half in an office scented with lemon oil.

Scenting benefits

A better workplace

With scenting, your workplace will become less stressful, less tiring, more stimulating and more productive.

Higher efficiency

Workers are more efficient and suffer less fatigue and loss of productivity when they have been exposed to lavender scent.

Better breathing

Science has shown that many essential oils not only smell nice, but have anti-bacterial and mold-killing properties as well.