Scenting for the Big Sale

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Real Estate professionals have for years paid mindful attention to the smell of a home, making sure the scent will please any potential buyers who happen upon the property in the hopes of a quick, easy sale. Traditionally, realtors had in the past used the scent of a baking pie or that of freshly baked cookies to sell a property. New research however is pointing to the fact that this may not be a good tactic to employ, that these scents may actually overwhelm the potential buyers and render them unable to focus on the house, and only on the scent of the fresh smelling goods. And it can also in the process make them very, very hungry.

It is now thought that simple, clean scents are the way to go to ensure a pleasant smelling environment that most will like. The same rule of thumb for other industries holds true when selling a home. The best way to scent a space for a potential sale is by introducing a subtle scent. A scent that won’t overwhelm a potential buyer. Less is more. The goal is to give the buyer the chance to envision their own idea of what the home would feel and smell like if they were to purchase it. You have to think what will buyers associate with the environment? It has to be simple, positive and congruent to their life.

Below, a listing of what is now thought to be both the best and the worst scents for hosting an Open House:


- Potpourri - Chocolate Chip Cookies - Baked Goods (Bread) - Pies

- Lemon - Green Tea - Cedar - Pine - Basil - Vanilla - Cinnamon

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