Scent Is More Memorable Than Other Sense. We've Been Helping Brands Capitalize On That Fact of Human Nature Since 2015.

We build immersive scent experiences that strengthen brands, increase conversion rates, and inspire consumers. Our premium business scent diffusion systems power leading luxury retailers, spas, gyms, medical facilities, luxury apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants and more.

We're More Than a Scenting Company, We're a Partner.

From installation to maintenance, our team offers white-glove service for businesses looking to take their brand experience to the next level with scenting systems.

Private Label Home Fragrance Accessories

Our 5000 sq ft. facility in Miami, FL. produces high-quality paraben-free candles, luxury room sprays, and reed diffusers featuring our world-class home fragrance blends. We proudly stock the shelves of candle companies around the world.

Scent System Installation & Maintenance

We pride ourselves in the best ongoing technical support in the industry. Our customer service is top-tier, with bespoke account management, in-house support staff, and maintenance at every step.