Scenting for elevating guest olfactory experiences

Increase your guest stay at your hotel or resort by utilizing the power of scent to create a memorable experience. With a signature scent that will identify your hotel or resort and evoke a powerful emotion, this will drive brand loyalty that will connect guests to your hotel or resort based off scent alone. The consistent scenting technology will peak your guest satisfaction and influence their perception of the property.  

In the hospitality industry, a guest’s first impression is typically the most important one. Making the property’s atmosphere inviting is the first step in building an outstanding experience that will resonate with your guest.  

Advantages of using scent: 

• Create an experience through scent that drives an emotional connection. Using fragrance to form a bond makes the property more than just a place to stay.   

• Using scent improves perceptions of cleanliness, and makes the space feel more luxurious. 

• Scent increases the level of comfort for the guest. It also works to enhance staff productivity.   

• Eliminate an unwanted malodour (garbage, smoke, mildew, gym) through proper use of scenting. 

• When the scent is absent, the décor can feel incomplete. Complete the look and design of your interior space with a signature scent. 

• Make your space stand out. Brand association is strong, allow guests to know you by scent alone. 

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How Scenting Impacts a Hotel/Resort Business

Scent marketing creates strategic brand-associated memories for Hotels/Resorts

  • Instantly Improve Guest Satisfaction

    Gain more online reviews. Retain guests. Increase occupancy rates.

  • Strengthen Brand Identity

    Add an additional touchpoint. Create sensory connections. Enhance guest experience.

  • Easy Installation

    Maintain with ease. 24/7 support. Endless fragrance possibilities.

  • Untap Stream of Revenue

    Private Label products for guests to purchase. Powerful branding. Design individual style.


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