Museum360 XL


The Museum360XL is the gold standard of HVAC scenting, covering multiple areas without the use of residue-creating, unnatural substances and sprays. 

Utilizing safe Cold Air Diffusion technology, the Museum360XL allows the user to create a total emersion experience through scent either in their home or business. 

The Museum360 XL’s state-of-the-art delivery system provides even and consistent fragrance distribution wherever it is used.  Additionally, it distributes the scent in multiple areas at pre-selected concentration levels, all the while keeping the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. 

This diffuser is easy to install and integrate into existing HVAC systems and is a complete home or business fragrance distribution system. 

Manage when scenting occurs through an easy-to-use internal digital time. Supplement large spaces, such as entire homes, hotel floors, and mall wings, with the Museum360 HVAC Scent Diffuser.

Key Features

  • Heatless, Waterless Diffuser
  • Standard monthly 2 x 500mL of diffuser oils included ($238/mo Retail Value)*
  • Scents up to 15,000 square feet with ease and efficiency
  • Dimensions 10.25 x 6.50 x 7.50 (inches)
  • Colors - black only
  • Cold air diffusion technology transforms the fragrance oil into very fine, dry nanoparticles for more consistent coverage 
  • No residue
  • Safe for pets, children and furniture
  • Programmable weekly timer that allows up to 5 unique operating periods
  • Security lock for the fragrance compartment


    Diffuser Quantity
     Monthly Price/Diffuser
    1 - 10 diffusers $209.00/ mo
    11 - 30 diffusers $199.00/  mo
    31 + diffusers $189.00/ mo
    **All prices on 36 month program are subject to approval**

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