We make brands
smell amazing.

Captivate, retain, and inspire your audience
through the power of scent.

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We make brands
smell amazing.

Captivate, retain, and inspire your audience
through the power of scent.

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Step 1
Personalized Consultation

Our scent marketing experts will partner with you to choose the right scenting system for your business. Guiding you to create on-site and on-the-go customer relationships with fragrance.

Step 2
Discover Your Branded Scent

Choosing your one-of-a-kind branded scent connects your business with your customers. Scent branding can influence a customer's emotional state and mood, thus influencing their buying habits and building brand retention through scent.

Step 3
Delivery & Installation

Delivery time is as short as 7 days with our self-install diffusers. We provide a technical support staff available for installations, troubleshooting, and more.

Our Scent Machines

Building brand identity through scent starts here. We have the most reliable, consistent scenting technology in the industry, so you can design the customer experience at scale.

  • Waterless Diffusion Tech

    Cold Air Diffusion delivers consistent, unfettered scent through your HVAC system, for even scenting throughout your space.

  • Low Maintenance

    Replacing your oil is easy, and we're the only scenting company that produces larger bottle sizes for minimal maintenance, even in large facilities.

  • Customize Scent Levels

    Our technology allows for finer control over scent density

  • Easy Scheduling

    Schedule your scent to disperse during business hours to save fragrance oil for when it matters most.

Transform The Way
People Experience
Your Brand.

We align with businesses across verticals to make scent a part of their growth strategy. From medical facilities to retail, scent is a universal driver of customer behavior and branding.

  • Scenting The Four Seasons Montreal

    We worked with Four Seasons Montreal to design a custom scent and diffusion system, imbuing every square inch of the stunning hotel with luxury.

  • How Atlantis Hotels Uses Our Scenting Systems as Part of Their Brand Strategy

    Regarded as the crown jewel of hotels in The Bahamas, The Atlantis is by far the most elegant and well-known resort on the island chain.  We worked with their team to design their scenting system and select the perfect signature scent a smooth, luxurious combination of floral, citrus and ocean notes.

  • Luxury Living

    Fragrance Design for a Global Brand

    Aroma360 was challenged to design an olfactory logo that could embody the meticulous craftsmanship, impeccable design, and timeless sophistication of Luxury Living products. Today, their unique scent can be found in Luxury Living showrooms around the world.

  • Private Label Special Events

    Candles, room sprays, and reed diffusers offer a unique way to promote your brand. Speak with a consultant today to prepare for your next event.

Happy Clients

"Scenting.com has been a huge asset to our property. From the moment you walk in, everyone asks where we get our scent. The scent transcends through our hallways and office area, creating an atmosphere that people love to visit. I would recommend Scenting.com whether you have a small home or large office/hotel building. We use the Little White Lies scent and everyone loves it! "

"I have been using Scenting.com for over a year now. I am extremely satisfied with the product. Our customers always ask us about the fragrance as they walk in to our lobby. I personally love the summer breeze fragrance. I would highly recommend to use Scenting.com to everyone."

"When creating an engaging brand experience at tradeshows and conferences, it’s often difficult to find that great new thing that fits with the brand and truly adds to the experience. With Scenting.com, we found that special something. By adding our new brand fragrance, we’re able engage with prospective customers utilizing all five senses."