The science of scenting marketing

The science of scenting marketing

Scent is known to have a powerful and profound effect on the consumer purchasing behavior, with smell being closely linked to our memory.  In 2018, the global scent marketing industry was valued at a net $45.6 billion, using scent to capitalize on the consumers' experience. Companies for years have been utilizing scent to distinguish their brands from their competitors and increase the customer’s intent to purchase by 80%. Scent is a driving force for advertising, as well as being influencing power to be recognized as an asset to any company using a scent diffuser.

Scenting marketing examples

Companies such as Bloomingdales have used scent to entice their shoppers in different departments to trigger longer shopping time to make a purchase, with the knowledge that good scent marketing relevant to a product or department can evoke a specific emotion or memory associated with the item. Another company that uses scent marketing is the Hyatt Hotel, creating an ambiance of cleanliness. They are known for their signature scent called “Seamless” with notes of warm vanilla, musk, light florals, and fresh blueberries which correspond with their decor, color scheme, and overall brand.

Developing a Signature Scent

With scenting marketing dominating the marketing industry, connect with your customers by creating your own unique signature scent that is on the brand of your company. With we are dedicated to learning about your business’s history, customers, goals, and mission to increase your customer purchasing behavior. Schedule a free consultation to discuss how your company can achieve the power of scent today!